“Our installers are professionals. They’re trained to meet OSHA safety guidelines and our standards for skill, efficiency, quality work and personal integrity and pride in a job well done.”

Manuel Amaya, Purchasing & Payroll
VCI Group, Inc.

In-house framing installation crews

Since 1990, we’ve maintained—and trained—our own experienced installation crews. We don’t waste time having to round up laborers. Builders don’t waste time worrying about who will install their trusses and panels. And because we control the manpower in-house, we can keep our word on quality, deadlines and price. Our installers’ communication and collaboration help projects go faster—and smoother.

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Our experienced crews take the worry out of inspections

Many of our employees have been with us for 20 years or more. They know the challenges of framing everything from single-family homes to condo units or apartment buildings. They know the different building codes that apply. They even know the little things inspectors look for, so time isn’t lost waiting for re-inspections. VCI Group maintains strong, ongoing training programs. That’s why home builders can expect first-rate installation that satisfies framing inspectors the first time around. VCI Group also has an industry-wide reputation for rigorous compliance with OSHA regulations, minimizing the likelihood of accidents and injuries on the job.

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VCI Group Guarantee

If we’ve built the components we’re installing, the builder doesn’t pay extra for any adjustments because we guarantee the installed price.