Framing Design, Engineering & Fabrication

“Because of our close relationship with home builders, they often come to VCI Group as a project is just starting. We offer solutions and value engineering that can be built into the plans from the start.”

Julio Quiterio, Architecture
VCI Group, Inc.

Decades of Experience

When building plans come into VCI Group’s architectural unit, we look at them from many perspectives—and from decades of real-world experience. We involve our purchasing specialists, designers, engineers, CAD technicians, and even our seasoned operations and installation experts. That’s how we’re able to spot and address any issues before they cause problems in the field.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our skilled component team uses robotics to make best use of lumber and the most precise cuts. Once the design is in the CAD software, it’s downloaded directly to the computer-controlled saw with no lag time or human error.

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In-house design and fabrication that’s faster … and better

  • No guesswork: Thousands of single-family homes and multifamily projects factor into the expertise we use to turn plans into quality framing that fits.
  • No costly surprises: We coordinate with trades early in the design process to makes sure what blueprints specify for HVAC, electrical, plumbing and other systems will work with the specified framing. If space, weight or other factors are a problem, we can address it at the plan stage rather than in the field.
  • Tight quality control: Our facilities include in-house plants for manufacturing wall panels and floor/roof trusses—as well as our own lumberyard.
  • Innovation: Skilled in-house designers, engineers, fabricators and CAD/robotics technicians gives home builders exceptional quality at competitive prices thanks to the precision of our work that reduces lumber waste and the need for rework.
  • Speed to installation: Your trusses and wall panels are delivered directly from our factory floor to your job site, ready to install.

Panel Delivery